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Date Night Ideas

Two people with smoothies in hand.

Dating is a lot of fun, but coming up with things to do can be stressful. The Luxe at Creekside Blog wants to help so we are sharing a few date night ideas for you to try out. Enjoy spending time together and getting to know each other while having some fun!

Go ice skating
This is a classic often portrayed in cheesy or fluffed-up rom-coms, but for good reason! Whether you’re a pro or a novice, having someone to glide around the ice with will make the cold not only bearable, but enjoyable. Hold hands or not, show off your skills or laugh about some inevitable falls; however it goes, you can always warm up with some warm cocoa and fresh-baked donuts afterward.

Go Geocaching
This is a great way to get outdoors and embrace your inner child. Geocaching is basically treasure hunting for adults. Explore New Braunfels, TX together as you search for hidden treasures (of various sizes and difficulties) that have been placed by others all around the city. Bonus: it costs nothing.  

Go Painting
Get creative with your next date night and enjoy a paint party at an art studio. You'll paint, sip, laugh and spend some quality time together creating memories. Also you get to take your art home with you as a souvenir from your date!

Visit an Escape Room
See how well you work together by visiting an escape room. By solving puzzles and finding clues you must race against the clock to get out of the room before time runs out. This is a fun way to test how well you work under pressure and see if you can think on your feet.

What are your favorite date night activities? Share your ideas with the rest of our apartment community by leaving a comment on this post.